07.04.09 – 08.08.09 Golden Parachutes in pleased to announce a solo exhibition of recent works by the American artist Pau Pahana. Pahana’s diverse artistic practice, which is inspired by the frenetic sampling of hip-hop culture–encompasses collage, painting, drawing, film and … MORE

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GRINGO REBEL: Ernesto Ortiz

23.05.09 – 26.06.09 Golden Parachutes is pleased to announce the first German solo exhibition of the American painter, Ernesto Ortiz. In ten new oil paintings, Ortiz explores borderlands as a physical territory and a locus for the production of desire. … MORE

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EMERGENCE: Zach Houston, Miguel Lopez, Ernesto Ortiz, OODA Group, Paul Diddy, Melissa Frost, Jesi Khadivi, Sumi Ink Club, Travis Roberston

17.04.09 – 15.05.09 In philosopy, systems theory, science and art, emergence is the way complex systems¬†and patterns arise out of a multiplicity¬†of relatively simple interactions. Golden PARACHUTES emerges as a project space and connector of dialogues with this group exhibition, … MORE

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