USED TO LOVE: Bill Conger

Bill Conger: Used to Love
February 12th- March 11th, 2011
Vernissage: February 12th, 2011 7-10pm

Musical Performance: March 10th, 2011 7:30-10pm
Rencontres ~ Paysages

“Better to be enveloped in a matter that darkly feeds itself with hidden fires; better to not know fully where the veins of fascination lead, but to trust that they will slowly give up their heat in recompense for attention paid.” – Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes This World

Bill Conger’s installation Used to Love comprises approximately seventy collages encased in individual clear acrylic boxes culled from an ongoing series the artist began in the winter of 2010.
Describing the work in a conversation with Golden Parachutes, Conger says, “The idea is to treat these images like objects, to try to find a place where time can become tangible. They need to be treated as desperate things, and not necessarily about visual or pictorial moments. There is this kind of implied gesture that happens and a franticness about the objects, a quick deliberateness: lots of taping and quick gluing that reveals the struggle of bringing the works into being, and in such a way that can be contained in these tiny boxes…. they are a window into a space, a space that becomes charged by the collage, but I think if the collage works correctly it almost disappears.”
The exhibition will be accompanied by an e-book featuring an essay by curator Kendra Paitz and a conversation between the artist and Golden Parachutes co-director, Jesi Khadivi.
For further information or reproduction quality images please contact Jesi Khadivi:

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