BLACK PASSAGE: Vanessa Enríquez

October 28th through November 19th, 2010
Vernissage: Thursday, October 28th, 7-10pm
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Golden Parachutes is pleased to present Black Passage, the second installment in a two part exhibition series devoted to exploring representations of ritual, magic, and ecstatic experience.

The culmination of the series wil focus on one artist’s practice, presenting selections from three recent series of drawings by the Berlin-based artist and designer Vanessa Enríquez.

Enríquez’s perforated and ink drawings draw their inspiration from nature, sacred geometry and organic processes. Usually undertaken without a clear vision of their outcome, the artist organizes her drawing practice through a dynamic system of rules and constraints relating to mark-making and pattern. Enríquez explores the medium of drawing as a meditative act, a repetitive and trancelike exercise to attain a higher state of consciousness. The resulting drawings become a conduit for charting the topography of her mental environment. Her perforated drawings, created by repeatedly puncturing thick black paper with a needle, add an emphatically physical dimension to this exercise, with their rigorous and repetitive gestures.

Vanessa Enríquez was born in Mexico City in 1973 and received her MFA from Yale University. She lives and works in Berlin.

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